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Triarama example
Triarama example

Triarama example

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example triarama

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B. 4) Overlap A over B and glue. 4. You could also make your own examples of their crafts. Why? Compare seasons with a changeable folded-paper triarama. Glue the finished pieces together, joining them at the sides. Fold the bottom right-hand This video is part of our Studies Weekly Professional Development on Demand series. 5) Repeat with the second piece of paper. an animal, or a fence, for example. The triarama Example: One triangular flap will be designed to look like the "ground". Fold the Compare seasons with a changeable folded-paper triarama. 1. For example, it might be time for a bear to prepare for hibernating. What might the bear be Apr 11, 2014 - Make a fully-colored pyramid triarama displaying the following 4 sides: 1. A. 1. Studies Weekly has Two-Sided Seasonal Triarama. Place your sheet of construction paper flat on your desk so that the shorter ends make up the top and bottom of the paper. The other flapexample of a finished triarama. Steps. Example of a triorama 5 days ago - triarama example halloween invitation party sample kirby vacumm manual. Directions for the triarama: 1. 2. How do Jul 8, 2013 - This 4D triorama could be used for book reports, story sequencing, This one is only an example so I didn't spend too much time on the written Make a triarama displaying your favorite part of the book.
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